MH Digital Wallet


Through our SRHR programming, we provide adolescent girls with knowledge, sanitary products, and facilities to understand and manage their menstruation.
Our 5-week health education program focuses on improving psychosocial well-being and menstruation-related behavior among girls aged 13–18, including women with disability.

This educational program includes introductory sessions about hygiene and puberty, reproductive anatomy, menstrual cycle, sexual abuse, menopause, reusable pad care, and reusable sanitary pad sewing sessions. At Empower HER, we recognize that traditional financing options for MH products can be burdensome and restrictive. That’s why we’ve developed an innovative technology that improves the purchasing power of MH products in the community.

Through our innovative payment wallet, We provide access to Sanitary Pads through a ‘Save Now Pay Later ” platform that empowers women to acquire MH products hassle-free.